Thursday, September 12, 2013


I see fall colors now they are all over in all grocery stores. I am talking about mums and how colorful they all are. The other day I was tempted to buy three colorful mums and right away planted it. I had a bad experience last year when I bought huge three potted mums and did not plant it right away it just withered. For me spending money and I could not see it the next year I feel rob but it was my fault I get lazy. This year I told myself I won't buy but I did so I change my habit not to get lazy so I planted it right away. Here is my first mum...

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  1. Splendid colours! Fall colours are my favorites.

    1. Actually me too. The splash of color in this season is terrific! ^_^

  2. Fall is my favorite season and I love these colors and mixtures of flowers.

  3.  What a beautiful shots. Great with the warm and golden colors:)
    I love autumn!